The Inner-Defence Workbook is a comprehensive Guide to Building Inner Resilience for First Responders, Security and Risk Management Professionals

Are you a first responder, security or risk management professional struggling to cope with stress and the demands of your high-pressure role? Are you looking for effective strategies to enhance your inner fortitude and improve your overall performance in emergency-stress events? The Inner Defence Workbook is your answer.

This groundbreaking guide has been specifically designed to help first responders, security and risk management professionals like you to develop inner resilience, effectively manage stress, and unlock your full potential in your demanding work environment.


How This Workbook is Organised


The Inner-Defence Workbook is a practical, grounded, and highly accessible guide designed to help first responders, security and risk management professionals develop inner resilience, manage stress, and improve their overall performance in their demanding roles. Drawing from a wealth of research in psychology, neuroscience, and human flourishing, the workbook provides readers with a comprehensive set of tools and techniques that are tailored specifically for professionals working in high-pressure environments.



The primary goal of the Inner-Defence Workbook is to equip first responders, security and risk management professionals with the knowledge and skills necessary to cultivate inner resilience and effectively cope with emergency-stress events. By doing so, they will be better prepared to handle the complex challenges they face daily, ultimately benefiting their professional performance and overall well-being.



The target audience for the Inner-Defence Workbook is first responders, security and risk management professionals, including but not limited to those working in law enforcement, cybersecurity, corporate security, and emergency management. The workbook is also relevant for individuals in other high-stress professions who are looking to improve their inner resilience and manage stress more effectively.

What’s Inside the Inner Defence Workbook?

What the workbook covers:

Present Attention Training: Learn how to harness the power of present-moment awareness to reduce stress, improve focus, and make better decisions.

Managing Inner Defense: Discover how to recognise and regulate your emotions, thoughts, and physiological responses to stressful situations.

Building Inner Resilience: Equip yourself with practical strategies and exercises to strengthen your inner resilience and adapt to challenging situations.


Why Choose the Inner Defence Workbook?

The Inner Defence Workbook is not just another self-help book. It has been meticulously researched and crafted to address the unique challenges faced by first responders, security and risk management professionals. By following the practical, grounded, and highly accessible techniques outlined in the workbook, you will:

Don’t let stress and burnout hold you back from reaching your full potential.

About the Author

Dr. Rodney King, widely known as “Coach,” is a renowned expert in defensive tactics and personal risk management. Recognising the gap in first responders, security & risk managment professionals’ training regarding inner management, he has spent over a decade teaching special forces military operators, law enforcement teams, close protection groups, airline cabin crew, and individuals from various security and risk management sectors how to achieve inner clarity during emergency-stress events.

Dr. King holds fellowships with the Royal Society of Arts, the Institute of Leadership & Management, and the Institute of Strategic Risk Management. He earned his doctorate from the University of Leicester’s School of Business (UK), a global academy for leaders, innovators, and change-makers. As a social scientist, his research focused on the role of mindfulness in leadership performance. He obtained his first master’s degree in leading innovation and change from York St John University’s School of Business (UK). Dr. King completed his undergraduate studies in psychology and recently completed a second master’s degree in health psychology from De Montfort University (UK).


"Dr. King’s approach to Inner Defence is a simple and understandable format based on the three elements of academic study and personal and professional experience. As a fellow academic and combat veteran I wish that I had access to this knowledge twenty-five years ago. The things and exercises I learned, would have been invaluable during the peak stress environments and situations I experienced, which crossed the full stress spectrum, from the battlefield to the boardroom.
Having personally recommended Inner Defence to my friends and my colleagues, I have been pleased to see both personal growth and increased resiliency in them in a short period of time."
LCDR Derrick L. Millett, USN (Ret.)
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